Your smile is the first thing people notice in your personality, well before they observe your clothes or gadgets. People who have naturally beautiful smiles and pearly white teeth are considered attractive and more approachable than those with blemished smiles or crooked teeth. If you have teeth stains that prevent you from smiling or confidently in public, teeth whitening Nowra is your ultimate solution to enjoy a dazzling and confident smile. 

What is Teeth Whitening?

According to the Australian Dental Association, teeth whitening is a procedure in which your cosmetic dentist Nowra NSW will remove adherent stains from your teeth using bleaching agents.  Depending on the type and severity of your teeth stains, our dentists will customise your teeth whitening procedure to reveal a fresh, milky white layer of your teeth. 

Our Teeth Whitening Services

At South Coast Dentists, we prepare an individualised treatment plan for all our patients. Some patients benefit from an in-office teeth whitening procedure, while others may need to undergo a combination of at-home and in-office whitening for best results. 

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic dentist Nowra NSW uses potent yet safe bleaching agents to whiten stained teeth. We use the world-renowned Philips Zoom whitening formula that can whiten your teeth by 2-3 shades in just one sitting. 

Here’s how in-office teeth whitening Nowra works:

  • Initial Consultation – the first step is a detailed consultation with the patients to identify the underlying issue. At this stage, we will prepare a treatment plan and decide whether you will benefit from an in-office whitening procedure or a combination of in-office and at-home whitening. We will also make digital impressions of your teeth to make custom teeth whitening trays.
  • The Teeth Whitening Procedure – at the next appointment, we will perform the whitening procedure. Our dentist in Nowra will apply cocoa butter or Vaseline on your teeth to prevent them from bleaching. Next, we will use your custom whitening trays with the whitening formula and ask you to wear the trays. 

We will activate the bleaching agent using the Zoom Blue LED. The activated bleaching agents chemically dissolve the surface stains on the teeth, revealing a pearly white layer. This process will last for about an hour and you will observe an instant reduction in the colour of your teeth by up to 3 shades at the end of the procedure. Some patients may require multiple sittings for optimal results. 

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Some patients require both at-home and in-office whitening for the best aesthetic outcome. For such patients, we will prepare custom whitening trays and give them a special whitening formula. However, this formula is not as potent as the one used in in-office whitening. Patients are asked to wear their bleaching agent-filled trays for an hour for a week or two for best results. At-home whitening is also an excellent option for individuals with busy schedules who cannot visit a dental clinic Nowra during business hours. 

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Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist can provide you with better and longer-lasting results than the products you’ll find in stores, and is a great way to start your Smile Makeover. At South Coast Dentists, we offer professional teeth whitening (bleaching) systems that lift years of stain and natural tooth discoloration, leaving you with a dramatically brighter smile!

Whitening is a great stand-alone cosmetic treatment; especially if your teeth are structurally sound and properly shaped. It can also jump-start the smile makeover process if you’re planning to get bonding, veneers, or a crown.
Regular touch ups with your home whitening system will help your teeth stay white. Additionally, schedule regular scale and cleans and try to avoid dark liquids when possible. Drinking through a straw can help!

Teeth whitening is a safe cosmetic dentistry procedure if performed by an experienced and qualified dentist. We use the highest-quality materials and the procedure is performed by our highly experienced team. So, you can rest assured that your in-office and our dentist-supervised at-home whitening is absolutely safe. 

We offer a wide range of services and will only suggest a suitable solution if we are confident that this is the right solution to hit your goals.

At South Coast Dentists, we understand that many patients cannot afford teeth whitening due to budget constraints. That is why, we facilitate our esteemed customers by offering flexible payment plans. This way, our patients can pay for their treatment in small, affordable instalments. 

The aesthetic results of teeth whitening are non-permanent. However, you can prolong the whitening effect by maintaining optimal oral hygiene and avoiding foods that stain teeth. 

Any individual with stained teeth is a candidate for professional or at-home whitening. However, individuals with sensitive teeth should consult their dentist first before undergoing the procedure. 

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