Teeth cracks are a common cause of toothache and discomfort. Unfortunately, most teeth cracks are not visible and can only be diagnosed by a general dentist in Nowra during routine dental checkups. But the good news is that teeth cracks can be restored. So, if you or a loved one experiences pain from chewing, they may have a cracked tooth. Visit South Coast Dentists today and let us relieve your pain and restore the damaged tooth. 

What Causes Cracked Teeth?

Healthy teeth are covered on the outside by a highly mineralised and strong layer called enamel. The enamel protects the underlying, softer layer – dentine and pulp. This layer also strengthens the teeth and prevents tooth sensitivity, cavities, and cracks. 

Teeth cracks mainly occur when the enamel layer is weakened or destroyed. For example, teeth grinding is one of the major causes of teeth cracks. Similarly,  a severe blow or trauma to a tooth can also lead to cracking. 

Other causes of teeth cracks, according to the Australian Dental Association are:

  • Using teeth as bottle or can openers
  • Using teeth as scissors or pliers
  • Chewing ice cubes
  • Accidentally biting on very hard foods such as olive seeds
  • Tooth erosion caused due to acidic foods and drinks, vomiting, and gastric reflux

What is the Treatment for Cracked Teeth?

The management of cracked teeth depends on the location and extent of the crack. For example, if there is a mild to moderate crack that does not extend into the pulp, we will restore the tooth with composite bonding. On the other hand, if a crack extends into the pulp tissue, a root canal procedure may need to be performed first. Furthermore, since teeth become brittle and weak after root canal treatment, they are reinforced by placing a dental crown over them.

Can All Cracked Teeth Be Restored?

Generally, minor to moderate teeth cracks can be easily restored by your General Dentist in Nowra NSW. However, some tooth cracks cannot be restored. Our best dentist in Nowra NSW will perform a detailed clinical examination and evaluate the X-ray images of the affected tooth to ascertain the extent of the crack. If there is a vertical crack that extends from the crown (the visible portion of the tooth) into the root, then the tooth cannot be saved. Instead, our dentist Nowra will remove the tooth and replace it with an implant-supported prosthesis.

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A broken or cracked tooth can happen when you least expect it. Perhaps you bit down on something hard or an old filling finally gave out. Although the crack left behind may not hurt, it’s essential to treat your tooth as soon as possible. Otherwise, the remaining tooth structure is at a greater risk of breaking apart further.

Depending on the extent of your crack, treatment could include bonding, replacing the filling, covering your tooth with a crown, or even root canal therapy. The sooner you treat it, the less extensive the treatment needs will be.

At South Coast Dentists, we’re meticulous about the treatment we provide. During your cracked tooth repair, we’ll recommend the same type of restoration that we would for our own teeth.

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If you’re experiencing any of the following, then you may have a cracked tooth:

  • Pain on biting 
  • A feeling that the upper and lower teeth do not close properly
  • A tooth has become discoloured
  • A tooth has become sensitive to hot and cold foods or drinks 

The best way to prevent teeth cracks is to ensure optimal oral hygiene. Furthermore, one should avoid parafunctional dental habits such as teeth grinding, and nail-biting, and using teeth as tools or gadgets can go a long way in preventing teeth fractures.

Cracked teeth hurt when the crack exposes the underlying sensitive pulp layer of the tooth. Furthermore, every time you bite with a cracked tooth, it puts pressure on the crack causing it to propagate. This can also lead to significant pain and discomfort.

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