Dental anxiety refers to the fear, anxiety or stress associated with a dental setting or treatment. According to the Australian Medical and Health Research Council, dental fear is the most prevalent anxiety disorder in the Country, affecting one in every seven Australian adults. 

Fear of dental treatment can severely affect one’s dental health and physical well-being, as people suffering from it avoid seeking dental treatment or visiting the dentist. If the thought of visiting the dentist – even for a routine checkup – sends chills down your spine, you may have dental anxiety. 

But the good news is that dental anxiety or fear is manageable at South Coast Dentists. All you need is a friendly, gentle dentist who understands the needs of anxious patients and has undergone additional training in managing dental anxiety. 

What are the Different Types of Dental Anxiety?

Fear of dentists has many forms. Some people find it difficult to visit the dentist or get their treatment done, but the experience itself is not terrorising for them. Such people have dental anxiety. On the other hand, some people are so afraid of even stepping foot into a dental clinic Nowra that they would avoid going there altogether. Such people suffer from dental phobia, and they only go to a dentist when they are in extreme pain or require emergency treatment. 

How Can Dental Anxiety Affect your Oral Health?

People with dental anxiety or phobia are at a higher risk of developing dental disorders such as gum disease, tooth decay, and jaw joint-related disorders. For example, people with generalised anxiety often grind their teeth during daytime or sleep. This can lead to excessive wear of the teeth causing tooth sensitivity or decay. 

Similarly, people with dental phobia will try their best to avoid visiting their dentist in Nowra. As a result, they often miss regular dental checkup appointments. This can prevent the timely diagnosis of underlying issues which causes them to grow bigger, requiring expensive and time-consuming dental treatment. 

How Do I know if I Have Dental Anxiety?

If you feel nervous visiting the dentist, you have dental anxiety. However, sometimes people don’t realise that they have dental phobia or fear until its time for their checkup appointment. Some of the common symptoms of dental anxiety and phobia are:

  • Fidgeting your hands while sitting in the waiting area
  • Sitting on the edge on the dental chair and showing your nervousness 
  • Sweating profusely in the anticipation of the procedure 
  • Shouting or crying even while the dentist is just examining your teeth and not performing any procedure 

What are the Common Causes of Dental Anxiety?

There are many reasons for someone to have dental anxiety or phobia:

  • Fear of the dental needle or sharp instruments
  • Fear of tight spaces or sitting in the dental chair 
  • The fear of losing control while sitting in the dental chair 
  • A previous painful or trauamatising dental experience during childhood can be carried forwards into adult life
  • A previous history of head injury or dental trauma during childhood can also lead to dental phobia
  • General anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Trust issues 

Let Us Help You!

At South Coast Dentists, we have highly trained and qualified dentists who can treat even the most apprehensive and frightened patients. We believe that by providing a calm, comforting, and relaxing environment to our patients, we can allay their fears and make them cooperative. Besides, we have other options available for dental anxiety treatment in Nowra NSW. These are:

  • Potent Anaesthesia – for those who are afraid of pain during treatment, we will use potent aneasthesia to make sure that you remain pain-free during the entire duration of your treatment. 
  • Pre-Medication Treatment – for those with mild to moderate anxiety, we prescribe relaxing medication to take a few hours before your treatment. The medication will make you relaxed during the duration of your appointment. 
  • Nitrous Oxide or Inhalation Sedation – this involves the use of nitrous oxide, also known as happy gas which calms one down and reduces pain. Happy gas is suitable for the treatment of uncooperative or apprehensive kids. However, it can also be used for the treatment of adults with dental anxiety. 
  • Sleep Dentistry – in sleep dentistry, our general dentist Nowra will put you to sleep during the procedure. This way, you remain relaxed throughout your treatment procedure and won’t remember anything about your treatment.  

Don’t let your dental fears come in the way of good oral health and a beautiful smile. Let our gentle dental team allay your fears and make you relaxed at South Coast Dentists! We can help you deal with your dental worries. Book an appointment today. 

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Feeling anxious about going to the dentist can prevent you from getting the care you need. It can also set you up for existing oral health problems evolving into more complex issues.

The best way to enjoy a relaxing, minimally invasive experience is to talk to our gentle dentists about sedation options.

Sedation dentistry comes in a variety of “strengths”, ranging from milder sedatives to stronger medications that make you feel like you’re sleeping. After reviewing your health history and discussing what your goals are, our team will help you select the best sedation option for your needs.

  • Schedule fewer appointments because multiple procedures are completed at one time
  • Overcome anxiety related to visiting the dentist
  • Feel as relaxed as possible for any dental procedure
  • Be proactive about dental problems, while they’re smaller and more affordable to address

Discover what options are available for your situation with the help of our compassionate Nowra dentists.

No matter how complex your dental anxiety or phobia-related issue is, we can help you get rid of it so that you can enjoy optimal dental health. 

Nitrous oxide sedation is safe for treating anxious or apprehensive dental patients. We have dentists who are trained in providing treatment under inhalation anaesthesia and sleep dentistry. So, you’re in safe hands. 

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