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Are you tired of wearing your uncomfortable removable dentures? Are you looking for a long-term and aesthetically pleasing option for replacing two or more adjacent teeth? If yes, then your best option at South Coast Dentists is an implant-retained bridge.

Conventionally, multiple missing teeth were replaced using removable dentures or teeth bridges. Unfortunately, both these options have their own merits and demerits. For example, conventional dentures are staining- and fracture-prone while teeth bridges require the removal of healthy tooth structure from supporting teeth for their bonding. An implant-retained bridge, on the other hand, combines the benefits of dental implants with conventional dentures and is an excellent replacement option for multiple missing teeth. 

What is an Implant-Retained Bridge?

An implant-retained is similar in design to conventional teeth bridges. However, the only difference is that the bridge is supported by dental implants instead of natural teeth. According to the Australian Dental Association, an implant-retained bridge is an excellent option for replacing two or more adjacent teeth. Your implant dentist in Nowra NSW will insert two or more implants into the jawbone that will support a conventional bridge for tooth replacement. 

What is the Procedure for Getting an Implant-Retained Bridge?

Getting an implant bridge at South Coast Dentists is straightforward and involves three phases. 

Phase 1 – Treatment Planning 

During this phase, your Dentist Nowra NSW will clinically examine your teeth and gums to evaluate your oral health status and determine the location and number of missing teeth. They will also look at the digital study models and x-rays of your teeth and jawbone to decide whether an implant-supported bridge is the best option for you. Finally, your implant dentist will prepare a customised treatment plan to replace your missing teeth. 

Phase 2 – The Surgical Phase 

At the next appointment, our dentist in Nowra will insert the implants into the jawbone. Since the procedure involves minor surgery, we ensure that you’re pain-free by administering local anaesthesia. Afterwards, we will expose the underlying bone by making an incision over the soft tissues covering the jawbone where implant placement is planned. We will then make holes in the bone and carefully insert the implant into position. After placing the implants, we will place healing collars over them to ensure uninterrupted healing. 

Phase 3 – Implant Loading 

The implant surgical site is left undisturbed for 4 -6 months to promote fusion of the jawbone with the implants. This will ensure that the implants provide a solid foundation for the bridge attached to them. Once optimal healing has occurred, we will attach a pre-fabricated bridge over them. Congratulations! Your smile and dental function are now fully restored with an implant bridge. 

Why Choose an Implant-Retained Bridge?

An implant bridge offers the following benefits over conventional replacement options:

  • Lifelike aesthetics and a boost in one’s self-confidence
  • No risk of bone loss associated with traditional dentures
  • Durable option lasting much longer than conventional alternatives
  • Complete restoration of dental function and speech

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If you’ve lost two or more consecutive teeth, We can fully restore your lost tooth structure and function, using a dental implant supported fixed bridge restoration.

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A traditional fixed bridge fills the gap between healthy teeth and a missing tooth in between; the prosthetic tooth is assisted by dental crowns on either side, which are fitted over the neighbouring healthy teeth. This treatment needs your dentist to remove important material from your healthy teeth for the purpose to fit the crowns over them, and can generally be used to replace one or two missing teeth in a row. Unlike this, an implant-retained bridge obtains all of its support from dental implants. These implants work as replacement tooth roots and the support for your prosthetic teeth.
An implant supported fixed bridge is needed for those patients who have lost between two to four teeth in a row. According to the size and shape of missing teeth, we can replace a larger number of teeth with a single fixed bridge. In certain instances, we can also use several fixed bridge restorations to replace a full row of teeth. Though, these treatment plans are very aggressive, and they may not be ideal for every patient. For more advanced tooth loss, we normally suggest an implant supported denture.
Restoring both the roots and crowns of missing teeth, implant-retained restorations assure full stability without putting pressure around tooth structures for support. The stimulus offered by the implant posts maintains the optimal degree of healthy tooth and gum tissue. Once in place, implant bridges provide natural function for two decades or longer compared with traditional bridges that need to be replaced every five to ten years.
If you’ve lost two or more consecutive teeth, the South Coast Dentists can assist. We generally suggest dental implant-retained tooth replacement as they offer close to natural appearance and function. If you want replace two or more teeth in a row, we’ll provide an implant supported bridge. If you want to know more regarding your dental restoration choices, call to schedule a tooth replacement consultation appointment in our office. We’ll examine your treatment options and work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your requirements.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants involves a minor surgery which can be painful. However, there is no need to worry, as we will provide you with complete pain relief by administering local anaesthesia. This way, you remain completely relaxed and pain-free during the procedure.

The cost of an implant-retained bridge depends on the number of implants plus the cost of the dental bridge. Typically, each implant will cost you around $4500 per tooth with $1800 per tooth for a bridge. Your best general dentist in Nowra can provide an estimate of your treatment costs after thorough evaluation and treatment planning. You can also ask them if they offer flexible payment plans to cover your treatment costs in easy instalments. 

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